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" Whether it is home defense, keeping your loved ones safe, or sharpening your defensive shooting skills, you have come to the right place."


Lone Pine Tactical offers a variety of classes designed to help individuals develop and improve their shooting and self-defense skills. Our classes range from beginner to advanced levels and cover topics such as handgun fundamentals, defensive handgun, and AR 15 classes. Instructor Jeff Young is highly experienced and comes from military and law enforcement background.

Lone Pine Tactical classes are designed to be safe, informative, and challenging. Students are taught the fundamentals of firearm safety, marksmanship, and tactics in order to effectively employ firearms in a self-defense scenario. Lone Pine Tactical training classes are an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their skills, whether for self-defense or recreational purposes. Our experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum makes them a top choice for firearms training.

Gun and weapon training, live fire
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