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Cold Lead LLC is a company that specializes in firearms training, self-defense, and will soon operate a gun shop. With a commitment to promoting safety, education, and responsible gun ownership, Cold Lead LLC aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.

     Firearms Training: Cold Lead LLC offers a comprehensive range of firearms training programs designed to cater to individuals of various skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters. Their training courses cover essential topics such as firearm safety, marksmanship, weapon handling, and tactical applications. Highly experienced instructors provide hands-on training, ensuring that participants develop the necessary skills and confidence to handle firearms safely and effectively.

     Self-Defense: Recognizing the importance of personal safety, Cold Lead LLC also provides self-defense training programs. These programs focus on teaching individuals how to protect themselves in various real-world scenarios. Participants learn practical techniques such as situational awareness, effective communication, basic self-defense moves, and strategies for diffusing potentially dangerous situations. The goal is to equip individuals with the skills and mindset to defend themselves and avoid or deescalate conflicts whenever possible.

     Gun Shop: Cold Lead LLC is excited to begin operating a gun shop where customers can find a wide selection of firearms, ammunition, and related accessories. The shop caters to firearm enthusiasts, sport shooters, hunters, and individuals interested in personal protection. Cold Lead LLC will ensures that their inventory meets legal requirements and offers a diverse range of firearms to suit different needs and preferences. Their knowledgeable staff is available to provide guidance, answer questions, and assist customers in making informed decisions.

Cold Lead LLC places a strong emphasis on responsible gun ownership. They educate their customers on the legal and ethical aspects of owning and using firearms, emphasizing the importance of safe storage, proper maintenance, and ongoing training. Their commitment to customer safety and satisfaction sets them apart in the firearms industry.


Cold Lead Affiliates


Lone Pine Tactical offers a diverse range of firearms training courses designed to cater to both beginners and experienced shooters. Their programs cover various aspects, including firearm safety, marksmanship, weapon manipulation, tactical shooting techniques, and situational awareness. The instructors at Lone Pine Tactical are highly skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in military, law enforcement, and specialized tactical units. They provide hands-on training, offering personalized instruction and feedback to ensure students develop the necessary skills to handle firearms safely and effectively.

Tactical Operations: In addition to firearms training, Lone Pine Tactical focuses on teaching individuals the principles and tactics required for successful tactical operations. Their programs encompass areas such as close-quarters combat, room clearing, team coordination, defensive tactics, and mission planning. These courses are ideal for law enforcement personnel, military personnel, private security professionals, and individuals interested in acquiring advanced tactical skills.

Specialized Training: Lone Pine Tactical also offers specialized training programs that cater to specific areas of interest. These may include precision shooting, long-range marksmanship, concealed carry tactics, defensive handgun techniques, and more. The organization recognizes that different individuals have unique training needs and strives to provide tailored instruction to address those specific requirements.

Facilities and Equipment: Lone Pine Tactical boasts state-of-the-art training facilities that replicate real-world scenarios. These facilities may include shooting ranges, simulation rooms, and dynamic training environments. The organization ensures that participants have access to a wide variety of modern firearms, ammunition, and tactical equipment necessary for training purposes.

Safety and Professionalism: Lone Pine Tactical prioritizes safety throughout their training programs. They adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that all participants are well-versed in safe firearm handling practices. Instructors emphasize the importance of responsible gun ownership and promote an environment that fosters professionalism, discipline, and respect.

By providing top-notch instruction, incorporating real-world scenarios, and maintaining a commitment to safety, Lone Pine Tactical has earned a reputation for excellence in firearms training and tactical operations.

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LS Armory is a reputable company known for producing high-quality Kydex holsters. Kydex is a durable thermoplastic material widely used in the manufacturing of holsters due to its excellent retention, ruggedness, and versatility. LS Armory specializes in crafting custom Kydex holsters designed to provide secure and comfortable firearm carry solutions for a wide range of handguns.

     LS Armory takes pride in offering custom-designed Kydex holsters tailored to fit specific handgun models. Customers can choose from a variety of options, including different holster styles such as inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), appendix carry, and more. LS Armory takes into account the specific dimensions and features of the handgun to ensure a precise and secure fit.              LS Armory understands the importance of firearm retention, and their Kydex holsters are designed to provide a secure hold on the firearm while allowing for smooth drawing and reholstering. The holsters may feature adjustable retention screws or retention systems, enabling users to fine-tune the level of retention to their preference.                                                                                                                               LS Armory strives to create holsters that offer both comfort and concealability. The Kydex material used in their holsters is molded to provide a streamlined profile, minimizing printing and maximizing concealment. Additionally, LS Armory pays attention to ergonomics, ensuring that the holsters are contoured to fit the body comfortably for extended periods of wear.

      Kydex holsters from LS Armory are renowned for their durability. The Kydex material is resistant to impact, moisture, and temperature changes, ensuring that the holsters maintain their shape and functionality over time. These holsters are suitable for various environments and conditions, making them ideal for both everyday carry and tactical applications.

     LS Armory offers a selection of belt attachments and accessories to complement their Kydex holsters. These may include belt loops, clips, or paddles designed for different carry preferences and styles. Additionally, LS Armory may provide options for adjustable cant angles or ride heights to accommodate individual preferences and body types.

LS Armory is committed to producing reliable, functional, and comfortable Kydex holsters that meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and concealed carry permit holders. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction have contributed to their positive reputation in the industry.

At First Action Rescue, we are dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to respond effectively in emergencies and be prepared to save lives. Our team has firsthand experience as first responders, both as a firefighter/EMT and as a flight nurse. Our mission is to empower you to become confident if called upon to respond in an emergency, whether you are a gun owner, hunter, first responder, or simply someone who wants to be prepared for any situation. 

Our journey began when we taught a tactical medical course for a concealed carry gun class. We were inspired to create an affordable trauma first-aid kit without compromising quality. We set our sights on finding the best medical supplies to treat traumatic injuries and housing those items in a high-quality bag built to stand the test of time in any environment. Our compact trauma first-aid kit is just the beginning. We are committed to expanding our product line to include adventure first-aid kits, home first-aid kits, and even pet first-aid kits, ensuring that everyone, including our furry friends, can receive proper care during emergencies. 

We believe that knowledge is power. Alongside our exceptional first-aid kits, we offer comprehensive education on how to use the equipment effectively. We provide CPR and AED training based on the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, equipping you with life-saving skills. Our education offerings extend beyond the basics, encompassing essential first-aid techniques and tactical medicine, empowering you to respond confidently in any situation.

Our commitment goes beyond selling products, and providing education. We are driven by a deep-rooted desire to help and serve others in times of need. We understand that emergencies can be overwhelming, and our goal is to equip you wit the skills, knowledge, and tools to make a difference and save lives.

Located in Southern Idaho, Snake River Chung Do Kwan offers classes for children, adolescents, and adults of all experience levels, beginning at the age of 4. We teach Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do, also known as Korean Karate, and we are a member school of ChungDoKwan USA. Snake River Chung Do Kwan is affiliated with the ChungDoKwan USA.

7804 W Katsilometes Rd Pocatello, ID 83204

Class Schedule:

     - Littles (ages 4-5) Tuesdays 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM ($50/month, $40 per consecutive additional family member)

     - Kids class (ages 6-11) Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM ($80/month, $70 per consecutive additional family member)

     - Advanced class (ages 12-99) Tuesdays 7:30PM - 8:30 PM ($80/month, $70 per consecutive additional family member)

     We do not take walk-ins, and you must be on the sign-in sheet to enter! 10% discount applied for Gold’s Gym members (even though we don't teach our courses there anymore)! Please contact us via text, phone call, or FB Messenger to enroll! ChungDoKwan USA is an organization that unites schools of a Korean martial art first taught by Master Won Kuk Lee in Korea. In the early 1960's it was brought to the United States by Master Duk Sung Son. Students must join ChungDoKwan USA no later than the time they take the examination for yellow belt, though they may join sooner. Beginning white belt students are not required to pay the membership fee. Fees are collected by the school and paid at the beginning of each calendar year. Snake River Chung Do Kwan studies under Master LaBlanc of Walla Walla, Washington, Master Jeff Fogg of Idaho Falls, and 4th Dan (and former owner) Terry Danzer of Helena, Montana. All ranks and promotions are through ChungDoKwan USA. Our school is owned and instructed by 2nd Dan Brittany Yarbrough, who may be contacted through messaging our page or via text message.


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7804 W Katsilometes Rd

Pocatello, Id 83204


Jeff Young           208-241-9057


Lewis Spencer    208-252-0630


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